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Why Zillow Sucks!!!

by Brian C. Smith

We live in a time when technology has provided buyers and sellers with some of the tools that in the past were only available to licensed realtors.

I can’t stress enough the importance to buyers and sellers of avoiding the temptation to use Zillow vice seeking the advice of a licensed realtor.

I have seen many customers who used Zillow, end up with remorse.

Cautions About Using Zillow…

  1. 1 - Zillow states its median error for Zestimates in Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL is 2.3%. The number one reason why homes do not sell, is due to an unrealistic asking price. If you price your home incorrectly on day one, you will most likely end up selling it for less than you would have, if you priced it correctly.Zillow’s website even states that Zestimates should not be used for the final pricing of a home.
  2. 2 - Zillow does not match buyers with the best realtor. Zillow matches buyers with the realtor willing to pay Zillow’s fee.
  3. 3 - Zillow can’t prepare an offer and help explain the terms.
  4. 4 - Zillow can’t refer a buyer to top notch local real estate attorneys.
  5. 5 - Zillow provides buyer contact information to lenders who pay Zillow a fee. This should concern you.
  6. 6 - Zillow can’t guide buyers through the inspection process.
  7. 7 - Zillow can’t prioritize buyers’ needs and wants and balance them against motivations when finding the best home.
  8. 8 - Zillow can’t provide stern advice to help sellers ready their homes for showings.
  9. 9 - Zillow can’t provide emotional support.
  10. 10 - Zillow is the opposite of hyper local. It is focused on real estate everywhere. This is the last help you want with real estate.
  11. 11 - Zillow does hot have to comply with the law and all the legal aspects of a transaction.
  12. 12 - Zillow information is often outdated or wrong. This leads to buyers wasting time and energy on properties as they assess needs and wants.
  13. 13 - Zillow has not seen the inside of your home and discussed improvements with you.
  14. 14 - Zillow has not read the seller disclosure you filled out.

Benefits of Using My Website...

  1. It is hyperlocal with MLS information provided by an Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feed.
  2. It has tools absent on Zillow such as my skyline photo labeling the largest buildings in Edgewater with links to landing pages for each condo building.
  3. It has more intuitive ways to search for a home including the search tool, Edgewater Buildings, Miami Beach Properties, pull down for Condos, and pull down for homes.
  4. Each community has significant write ups including the description, amenities, residence features, floor plans, for sale listings, for rent listings, sold units, and local information such as businesses, churches, schools, and more.Other useful articles

The Wall Street Journal
How Good Are Zillow’s Estimates?
by James R. Hagerty

So, just how accurate is the Zillow “Estimate” anyway?
by Tom Horn

Zillow’s Typical Error is $18,000 (2019)
by John Wake

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