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Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe During Summer

Written By: Jaymi Naciri
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Gate your pool

According to the Center for Disease Control CDC, “there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings non-boating >

Always watch the swimmers

A pool gate is meant to keep the pool area from being breached. But it’s equally important to always keep an eye on anyone in or around the pool. Despite the dramatizations we see on TV and in the movies, drowning does not typically involve flailing arms and loud splashing, and it’s easy to miss the signs. Familiarizing yourself with what it actually looks like and making sure there are always eyes on the swimmers is key.

Check your insurance

Even if you’ve been ultra-responsible with your homeowner’s insurance, you may not be totally aware of what ismdash;and is notmdash;covered. “Ah, summer. Longer days, better weather, and maybe even a little vacation time. You’re almost certainly ready we sure are, but is your homeowner’s insurance policy?,” asked Kin.” For example, do you know whether your homeowner’s policy will protect you if you build a fire pit in your backyard? Now is the time to find out.”

You’ll have to update your insurer if you’re building a pool, and things like trampolines and outdoor cooking devices may also prompt a review of your coverage.

Keep medications and toxic substances out of sight

Even if you took precautions with all the medications and dangerous substances like cleaning agents in the home when your kids were young, you may have gotten a little lax as they’ve grown. But ,new little ones in the house may be curious, and their curiosity could prove deadly.

Put non-slip pads under area rugs

A slip and fall can can be dangerous, and can also cost you financially. Securing rugs with an anti-slip pad can help. You’ll also want to make sure that people don’t walk inside with wet feet, which can cause them to slip and slide.

Check for allergies

So little Jimmy didn’t tell your husband he was allergic to nuts before he dove into that peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Oops. Making an easily accessible chart of everyone’s allergies and any other medical issues can keep this type of oversight from turning into a medical emergency. It also wouldn’t hurt to keep an EpiPen on hand.

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