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HGTV Designer Leanne Ford Simplifies Finding the Perfect White Paint with PPG

Written By: Realty Times Staff
Thursday, September 27, 2018

“We all should feel empowered to create a space for ourselves that we love coming home to at the end of the day,” said Ford. “Color is such an impactful way to do this, so I’m thrilled to work with PPG, a leader in paint and color that is headquartered in my hometown of Pittsburgh, to bring the power of paint to life for homeowners. It’s really about giving everyone the confidence to use paint and color fearlessly in their homes to create spaces that they’re proud of. For me, this all starts with picking the perfect white paint.”

For Ford, the “perfect white paint” palette will be represented in three PPG tones: Pure White, a true white hue, Natural White with a warmer tone, and White On White as a cooler alternative.

Swatches of PPG Pure White, PPG Natural White, PPG White On White

How should homeowners choose the perfect white for their home? Ford simplifies the process by providing some design tips for each hue.

When using Pure White, Ford recommends pairing it with exposed brick, marble, or greenery to give spaces a more modern look, and also suggests Pure White in rooms that seek to enhance natural light.

Natural White is best matched for those homeowners seeking to create a “cozy retreat,” as this hue is the warmest of the bunch and is more likely to provide a sense of >

Finally, Ford suggests pairing PPG’s White On White with wood tones and mixed metals, and recommends using this hue in smaller rooms to make them feel more spacious.

The colors are available in the PPG Timelessreg; and PPG Diamondtrade; paint lines at The Home Depot locations across the U.S.

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Photos courtesy of PPG.

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