Mike Houda- Former US Navy Seal- USNA


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I moved from Southern California to South Florida and needed to find a home fast! Brian listened to my criteria, presented several opportunities that were in line with my needs, setup an efficient morning of showings, and negotiated the offer on my first choice property. Trust Brian to take good care of you while you select a home in South Florida.

Sigrid Toulatos


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I have met many real estate agents in Miami, but Brian is the best and the only one I trust. He provided a consultative approach that included, pros, cons, and factual data throughout the home buying process. I got a very good deal on a luxury condo due to Brian's ability to professionally communicate and negotiate with the seller's realtor. As we approached the closing, Brian followed up consistently and put my mind at ease as I spent time with family in Europe.

Patrick Pizzorni


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Brian is a knowledgeable, conscientious, and professional realtor who makes it his mission to satisfy customers. Over the course of two 1/2 days of showings Brian showed me the best luxury condos in 3 markets- Brickell, Park West, and Edgewater. He used a very consultative approach based on educating me quickly about the markets. I have zero reservations recommending Brian to anyone looking for an honest realtor who can make highly informed suggestions for buying and selling real estate.

Bob Boyer- Former US Navy Submarine Officer


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Over the span of a week, Brian helped me to find a place to live in the Brickell area of Miami that was everything I could have wanted it to be. In my price range, in an area I wanted to be in, and a beautiful apartment. I had my choice of a variety of apartments and ended up with one I am thrilled to be in. I highly recommend Brian if you are looking to buy, rent, or sell in Miami. Especially because some brokers for places we were looking at couldn't even be bothered to arrive to show their apartments, Brian will not only give you the minimum service that some won't, but he will go the extra mile.

Tony Hoffman
Partner & Recruiter at Orion Talent
May 24, 2018, Tony worked with Brian C. in different groups

"I've had the great pleasure of working with Brian on a few different occasions over the last several years, and will continue to do business with him in the future. His attention to detail, immeasurable dedication to customer service, and knowledge of the local markets are what bring me back."

Adam Burke
CEO/President at Active Water Solutions, LLC
September 29, 2017, Brian C. worked with Adam in the same group

"Brian is tenacious. When he sets a goal, he will find a way to accomplish it - and do so with a high level of quality and attention to detail. Brian is intelligent, resourceful, and able to integrate strategic visions down to the tactical tasks."

Karl Schmedders
Professor of Quantitative Business Administration at University of Zurich
April 4, 2013, Karl was Brian C.’s teacher

"Brian is a thoughtful, curious, and articulate student. During our probability class this past fall he kept me on my toes. He truly cares about mastering coursework and is not afraid to admit when he doesn't understand a topic. I teach a lot of students and based on his energy and commitment to excellence, Brian is one I won't forget!"

Alice Tybout
Harold T. Martin Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University
April 3, 2013, Alice was Brian C.’s teacher

"Brian is an intellectually curious, highly motivated student."

Greg Chambers
Owner at Presidio Defense Solutions
October 12, 2012, Greg was a client of Brian C.’s

"Brian is organized. personable and knowledgeable. He is flexible and will add value wherever he can. I would use Brian again without reservation."

Gary H. Bernstein
Professor of Electrical Engineering
April 4, 2012, Gary H. was Brian C.’s teacher

"I have known Brian for a long time. We interacted a lot when he was a student at Notre Dame and have been in touch ever since. Brian is a hard worker, and a straight shooter. Honest and motivated to do the right thing. A unique and dedicated individual, I recommend him enthusiastically."

Ramon Young
Rockies Sports Management
January 18, 2011, Ramon was a client of Brian C.’s

"It was great working with Brian and his company as I transitioned out of the military. His company works hard at finding the right fit for their clients."

Josh Vosovic
Strategic and Regional Director at Accenture
July 7, 2010, Brian C. worked with Josh in the same group

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Brian in the San Diego office.
Brian has the ability to think out of the box and develop new ways to find business and create sales and business opportunities. But the thing I value most about Brian is his willingness to share his methods and coach other members of the team. Brian displays unselfish, relentless, and mission driven leadership everyday."

Robert Wells
Inventory Management
July 5, 2010, Brian C. worked with Robert in the same group

"Brian is a highly motivated producer, innovative problem-solver, and results-oriented leader, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in any future business endeavor."

Mike Palatas
President / General Manager | Aerospace, Medical Device, Industrial Metal Finishing
July 4, 2010, Mike was a client of Brian C.’s

"Brian was directly responsible for the successful conclusion of my job search in 2008. He not only found a Director level opening at a company less than 15 miles from my home, he also helped me prepare for the CEO/COO interviews. Brian's communication with the company's VP of Operations and me was nothing short of exceptional - beyond my highest expectations. In fact, during the end-game compensation negotiations, he secured an additional $15K in salary for me after he discovered a mistake in the company's initial offer letter that I had already decided to accept as it was! Talk about going the extra mile!"

David Bakkeby
svp business development @ TargetCW
February 16, 2010, David managed Brian C. directly

"Brian is a true professional in every aspect of his game. He listens extemely well and develops incredible partnerships with his clients. His passion and desire to help transitioning military succeed is unparalled in our business."

Abigail Jaye
Executive Search Consultant - Currently on Hiatus
January 28, 2008, Brian C. worked with Abigail in the same group

"Brian Christopher Smith is a breath of fresh air. A focused, outcome-oriented person, Brian is a self-starter who enthusiastically undertakes projects. He is strong with both strategy and execution, demonstrating thoughtfulness and confidence each step of the way. Organization is one of Brian's strengths; he is capable of simultaneously managing multiple projects, staying on top of each task needed to complete the process. Brian also has true intellectural curiosity about subject matter and people. He is generous in sharing information and resources, and is a wonderful collaborator and team player. Working with Brian lead led me to successful outcomes and proved to be a lot of fun along the way."

Sean D. Menendez Cabrera
“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” (John Wooden)
October 4, 2007, Sean D. worked with Brian C. but at different companies

Are you looking for solutions? If so then Brian C. is your man. Brian and I had many of the same accounts and would bounce solutions to our clients, whether it was his banks program or ours. His primary concern was to be a solutions consultant and thas what he was. I would recommend working with Brian because he puts the clients needs in front of his.

Jim Nudelman
Senior Sales Training Specialist at Carrington Mortgage Services, Mortgage Lending Division
October 3, 2007, Jim was senior to Brian C. but didn’t manage directly

"There are a lot of great things that can be said about Brian Smith. I spent a considerable amount of time with Brian during his tour through the Accredited Management Training Program. Brian's was one of the quicker studies in the program as in a matter of only a few months, he was already closing $4 million in loan volume. To put this in perspective, the average account executive closed slightly over $1 million two months out of the program. Brian exceeded this by nearly 400%. Why was Brian so successful? Several reasons: 1. Brian is very adept at building BNI (Business Network of Influence) groups. In fact, he does so very quickly. 2. For as good of a salesperson as he is, he is also intelligent. Very intelligent. He asks good questions and always asks for good examples which get to the heart of the issue. 3. Brian served in the Navy. In fact, he was a leader in the Navy. I think that it would be a HUGE mistake for any company to NOT bring Brian on board as part of their sales team. He is highly goal oriented and achieves way beyond what he sets out to accomplish. It would be a great pleasure to work with Brian again in the near future."

Zech Ziebarth
Civilian at US Army
October 3, 2007, Brian C. worked with Zech in the same group

"Brian is a very conscientious and extremely hard-working individual who can set goals and achieve them. He is also a great personality to have on the team."

Jared Cook
Account Executive at AHL
August 30, 2007, Brian C. worked with Jared in the same group

"Brian is a loquacious, forthright, hard working, honest, shrewd, bulldog-persistent individual, who delivers on his promises. You can always count on Brian!"

Erin Woodruff
Realtor, Listing Specialist
August 27, 2007, Erin worked with Brian C. but at different companies

"I had the pleasure of working with Brian when he was a top Account Executive for Accredited Home Lenders and I was a Senior Loan Officer with Morgan Capital. It was no surprise that he was one of their top performers; he quickly called customers back, had a lot of product knowledge and would do absolutely anything to get a loan closed. Brian is an intelligent, capable, dedicated and personable young man. In summary, I highly recommend Brian for any position or endeavor that he may pursue. He would be an asset to any organization. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me."

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