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South Florida home sales are thriving!

I just compiled my list of 100 Biggest Price Drops ⬇️ for homes from Boca Raton to the Keys. Like a child waiting to unwrap a Christmas gift 🎁, I could not wait any longer before sharing it with you.

There are some awesome opportunities here, especially for buyers considering a waterfront 🛥 🐠🦞, golf course ⛳️ 🏌️‍♂️, or equestrian 🏇 property. If you are in the market for a new home, take a peek below. Perhaps there is an awesome deal waiting for you!

I wish you and yours a joy filled holiday. I will be working through the holidays, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to look at properties. I am eager to help you.

Take a look. These are great deals.

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100 Biggest Price Drops ⬇️ for homes from Boca Raton to the Keys


The expression build it and they will become is becoming a fast reality for South Florida, as companies and people are moving to South Florida in record numbers for great weather, on state income tax, and a plethora of reasons.

Here are just a few people and companies who are making South Florida home: Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Robert Kraft, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, Karlie Kloss, Joshua Kushner, Ken Griffin, and Goldman Sachs.

I have compiled a list of article on the topic. Enjoy!

Goldman Sparks Florida's Effort to Become Wall Street South

Starwood Property Trust Miami Beach Headquarters Tops Off

Lennar Executive Stuart Miller Sells Star Island Lot for $37M


Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Revealed as Buyers of Indian Creek Property

Ivanka and Jared Buy $30M Lot on High-Security Miami Island


Inside Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner's New $23.5M Miami Estate


Are you considering a move to South Florida?


Are you considering taking advantage of this market to sell your home for top dollar?

🤔 💰 💰 💰

Either way, I look forward to helping you.

Brian C. Smith

Realtor Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices- EWM Realty
Edgewater 🛥 | Miami Beach ⛱ | Luxury Real Estate 🍾 | Commercial Real Estate 🏗
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One Paraiso- $1,050,000- 3131 NE 7th Ave #4105- Details


We are a community of Luxury Service Businesses who create exponential value for each other through learning, collaboration, and connections.

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Privacy Services- week 1- 3/24/2020

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Luxury Catering and Event Production- week 5- 6/9/2020

Irish Golf Tours- week 6- 6/16/2020

Swiss Watch Maker- week 7- 7/28/2020

Artist- week 8- 8/25/2020

Public Relations- week 9- 9/8/2020

Sports Agent
Yacht Services
Yacht DJ
Luxury Auto Sales and Leasing
Luxury Car Rentals
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White Glove Mover
Home Automation
Physical Trainer
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Custom Suit Tailor
Lifestyle Magazine
UHNW Database
Crypto Currency Specialist
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Latam Corporate Lawyer
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Opportunity Zone Lawyer
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And others

Attend Virtually
3 pm EDT

This online meeting will give members a FREE opportunity to learn about top providers of luxury services across the United States and around the world.

Our members share a common target customer:
+ Billionaires
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+ Very High Net Worth- $5M+
+ Celebrities
+ Professional Athletes

Presenters will
1- present their unique business offering
2- field questions from attendees
3- receive instant and future referrals

Members will
1- earn category exclusivity
2- receive YouTube channel inclusion
3- be included in the member directory
4- gain inclusion in published products
5- collaborate further on social media
6- market together on social media
7- partner to boost SEO

Contact Brian C. Smith if you would like to join the mastermind.

Brian C. Smith
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices- EWM Realty
Edgewater 🛥 | Miami Beach ⛱ | Luxury Real Estate 🍾
📲 305.318.8200


July 28, 2020- Author- Maria Perez- Essencia Air

So, you just bought your first home. The furniture – a mix of your own old couches, a pre-owned dining room set, and IKEA shelves – is all moved in. Still, there’s something missing – something that will make the space less of a house and more of a home. Houseplants can do that for you, and so much more!

Why Houseplants?

Moving can be a very hectic process. Even after you’re completely settled, you might still feel restless and seek some comfort. Choosing, styling, and caring for houseplants will give you a reason to slow down and take a much needed break.

Plants have also been proven to reduce stress, boost moods, and promote better sleep! This isn’t just because plants make spaces look more cozy and inviting. Plants purify the air from harmful chemicals emitted by common household products. By removing these pollutants, which can often cause health complications, plants will help you keep a healthy mind and body.

Houseplants are an easy and affordable way to liven up any space. By curating your own personal collection, plants can make a new place feel like it’s truly your own.

Don’t know where to start? Here are six houseplants perfect to spruce up your new place:

Calathea Ornata

What better way to start your new collection than with a plant that symbolizes new beginnings? The vibrant Calathea ornata can help you welcome this incoming phase of your life. If you want to add a pop of color to your home, the Calathea ornata’s green and purple leaves with pink stripes are perfect for you!

Money Tree

Arrangement by Essencia Air

The money tree’s eye-catching braided trunk and flower-like leaf pattern will add a unique touch to any space. But don’t let its exotic look fool you – this plant is not hard to grow. Money trees can tolerate irregular growing conditions, so they’re perfect if you’re new to plant parenthood. Additionally, they remove hazardous air pollutants from their surroundings, helping you improve your physical and mental health.

Money trees are common housewarming gifts because they are said to bring good fortune and financial prosperity to its owners. Go get yourself one and call it self-care!

Monstera Deliciosa

Truly the dream plant. If you want your friends to “Ooooh” and “Aaaah” when you give them a tour of your new home, the Monstera deliciosa will certainly get that reaction. Its broad, holey leaves are absolutely stunning, and they will make your place look like it belongs in an interior design magazine. While the Monstera deliciosa is relatively resilient, it does require a bit of attention to thrive. We promise it’s worth the effort, though!

Bird of Paradise

Much like the Monstera deliciosa, the bird of paradise plant will command the attention of anyone near it. Its upright stems flare out into gorgeous large leaves that will give your place a bit of a jungle vibe. Also like the Monstera, the bird of paradise plant can be very durable when cared for properly.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are infamously finicky, but we can’t help our obsession with them! Those bushy broad leaves are perfect for that one sad corner of your new home that needs something.

ZZ Plant

Arrangement by Essencia Air

The ZZ plant is one of the most forgiving houseplants. It can survive in low-light and irregular watering conditions, making it ideal for beginner plant parents. They’re also adorable. The ZZ’s perfectly shiny leaves will make your home look like it came straight out of a Pinterest board!

Whether you’re looking for some houseplants to green-up your own new home or as a gift to congratulate a first-time home buyer, we’ve got just the thing! Just email us at or call us at (786) 205-7251 to purchase the First-Time Home Buyers Package, which includes all the lovely plants listed above.

Essencia Air's First-Time Home Buyers Package!

Call or email to get yours now.


Insight 2020 Mid-Year Report.

This report is different than other reports we have produced in the past. It includes a special report entitled Impacts: How The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Affected The South Florida Real Estate Market.

This unique report illustrates the sudden impact the pandemic had on sales in South Florida, but also shows the effects that pent-up demand is having on current inventory levels.

Mid-Year Report- Dropbox Link


“The Importance of Plants for Residential Real Estate- Especially When You Want Top Dollar For Your Home, Health, and to Save the Planet”

Realtors commonly provide a checklist of things homeowners should do to ready their home for a sale. A typical checklist looks like this:

  • De-clutter
  • Fix and replace- issues with lights, electrical, plumbing, and appliances
  • Paint
  • Clean
  • Renovate
  • Focus on accents pieces- fresh towels, art, and indoor plants
  • Focus on the front entry, yard, driveway, and sidewalk

Adherence to checklist items will guarantee the highest and quickest offers.

This article focuses on the importance plants play in selling your home.

Let’s start with the curb. First impressions are extremely important to attract buyers. An unattractive entry can prevent potential buyers from entering your home. So you must get this right. According to the Wall Street Journal a new study quantifying the impact of curb appeal found that the attractiveness of a home can boost its value by 7% or more.

Search the internet for images of curbside appeal. You will find hundreds of images of beautiful homes with three things in common:

  1. Sellers select and place plants of natural varieties that accent the home nicely.
  2. Sellers maintain healthy, colorful, and vibrant plants.
  3. Sellers properly manicure lawns, neatly edge landscaping, and precisely trim plants.

Think of it this way. Plants dress up a home for a showing the same way adults prepare for a date or a job interview. Proper clothes selection, a healthy body, and grooming are key. Accent pieces like a colorful tie can win the date or interview. In the same way a small bright flower against the backdrop of a well manicured lawn can win over a buyer.

Once a buyer goes inside, plants need to evoke a sense of peacefulness, energy, and beauty, so that a buyer wants to linger, stay, and look around as this could be a place where they will someday live.

Brian C. Smith is a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices focused on selling Luxury residences in Miami Beach and Edgewater. Many of the modern residences in South Florida are very neutral design spaces with right angles, floor-to-ceiling glass windows looking out on water, white walls, lots of natural light, tall ceilings, and light colored natural stone or porcelain surfaces. These types of design spaces are spectacular architectural achievements that provide the perfect canvas for pops of color and the beautiful shapes that plants provide.

Lonesome corners are good candidates for small potted trees. Coffee tables are nicely accented with flowers or small green plants. Balconies provide a great place for everything from raised planter boxes for herbs and vegetables to potted plants of many varieties.

Brian suggests picking plants that will compliment the space nicely and not overpower it. The great thing about plants is they don’t have to be too big. A few small succulents including cactus can provide the perfect center piece for a modern dining room or kitchen table. The goal is to create attachment with the buyer. Every subdivision of space within a home invites the buyer to stay a little, breathe, relax and think about how much they would love to buy and live in the home.

Giamo Van Kanten and Elizabeth Durozel of Essencia Air focus on selling plants for the home that are both beautiful and provide health benefits. They note that people are spending more time inside homes that are hermetically sealed. Plants help to decrease chemicals, decrease bad gases, and increase humidity.NASA supports the same through a report published in 1989. Health benefits of plants include less fatigue, less headaches, less nausea, less anxiety, better mental health, and better sleep. Outside of hermetically sealed homes plants have ecological benefits for real estate as well. As buyers become more earth friendly, many are seeking estates that will provide a habitat for endangered wildlife and will select properties to buy on this basis.


Tom Brady recently made the move to Florida?

Should you?

+ No state income tax in FL
+ 73° F in Miami vs 38.2° F in Boston
+ $406.97 per SF in Miami vs $932.78 per SF in Boston

Check out great properties today at

Brian C. Smith
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices- EWM Realty
Edgewater 🛥 | Miami Beach ⛱ | Luxury Real Estate 🍾
📲 305.318.8200


Lets take a QUICK look 👀 at some HARD NUMBERS

and see CLEARLY 👓 why people are MOVING OUT 🚙 of New York City

and HEADED ✈️ to South Florida.

Stats provided by


Which one do YOU CHOOSE?

Find your next home at

Brian C. Smith

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices- EWM Realty
Edgewater 🛥 | Miami Beach ⛱ | Luxury Real Estate 🍾
📲 305.318.8200


Sean Stockell of Your Home 1 Source recently featured me in his article, "Video: Tops in Marketing, Pandemic or Not"

Check it out....

Brian C. Smith

"Video has become increasingly important in marketing real estate, and video presentations are all the more valuable due to the current COVID 19 Pandemic. We all know we’re living in an online world. Online platforms allow us to view hundreds of images, particularly through video. Videos are popular because they’re now very short and concise, with great images. They can be viewed any time, from anywhere, and are especially necessary and impactful in our current time of quarantine because we can’t travel, meet people in-person or shop locally. The online world just grew, and along with it, the importance of video in marketing.", says Brian C. Smith, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty, Miami, Florida.

See the full article at...


COVID 19 Condo Market Webinar Recording- 4/17/2020

You are invited. Edgewater Real Estate Expert, Brian C. Smith and local star of American Dream TV, Justin Bush will discuss considerations for purchasing or refinancing your home in the COVID 19 Condo Market.

Sean Stockell from will moderate the webinar.


• Changes in the COVID 19 Condo Market
• How you can benefit from your condo’s equity
• Should you invest now
• Advice for sellers
• Advice for buyers

Justin Bush
Cardinal Financial- NMLS ID 66247
Market Leader
📲 786.540.3444

Brian C. Smith
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty
Edgewater | Miami Beach | Luxury Real Estate
📲 305.318.8200


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100 Biggest Price Drops ⬇️ for homes from Boca Raton to the Keys
South Florida home sales are thriving! I just compiled my list of 100 Biggest...

Field of Dreams- South Florida
The expression build it and they will become is becoming a fast reality for South...

Luxury Services Business Mastermind
We are a community of Luxury Service Businesses who create exponential value for...

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