Coaches and Professional Athletes

I have great respect for coaches, professional athletes, and their families.

The road to becoming a professional athlete is long and the average career is very short and easily scrutinized. Per "Business Insider" professional athletes last this long in each professional league below:

  • NFL: 3.5 years
  • NBA: 4.8 years
  • MLB: 5.6 years
  • NHL: 5.5 years

Unlike many other careers, coaches are quickly fired often at no fault of their own and professional athletes are at risk for being traded. This can cause great stress for coaches, professional athletes, their family members, and significant others as they have to uproot and find new schools, houses of worship, friends, health specialists, and a home.

As a military veteran who relocated five times and deployed twice in five years I understand how stressful moves can be. If you are a coach or professional athlete moving to or leaving South Florida you have my commitment to the highest level of customer service when selling, buying, or renting your home.

I will take into account the following factors:

I will recommend best locations for transportation to the
- Stadium/Arena
- Airport
- Training Facilities

Whether you prefer to be near other players. Proximity to other players can make it more convenient for your loved ones to have a support system when you are away. School considerations for your kids
Most desired features in your home

- Security
- Privacy
- Views
- Size
- Amenities

Your decision to rent or buy / sell or lease
- No matter what you decide, I am here to help you
- I can provide tools to assist in your decision making process

Your time
- Most importantly I will schedule very efficient meetings, so we can focus on what matters most to you and your loved ones to provide a smooth and fast transition to your new location.


Brian C. Smith
EWM Realty International

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