Military-Service Member / Veteran

Military-Service Member / Veteran

Your Path to a VA Home Loan Can Be Easy!

For over a decade I have served the veteran community.

I have close to 90 testimonials on LinkedIn primarily from vets I have served.

6 Facts About VA Loans Every Military Vet and
Active Duty Service Member Should know and Consider When Buying Real Estate.

1. Some lenders may be able to get you 100% financing on a $2 million VA loan. Don’t confuse this amount with the VA-backed home loan limits which are much smaller amounts.

2. Not all VA lenders are the same.
For example some are 9 am - 5 pm M - F while others work on the weekends with extended hours.

3. Condo buildings must be approved by the VA and many “VA” lenders don’t understand the criteria the VA examines to qualify a building. Beware of any lender who mentions the “list.”

4. VA Loans don’t require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

5. Interest rates are very competitive and often lower than conventional interest rates.

6. The VA Funding Fee is waived for service-connected disabled vets, service connected disabled, some surviving spouses of vets, and Purple Heart winners on active duty. Funding fees vary from 1.4% - 3.6%

I know what it means to serve in the military and salute both veterans and active duty service members. If you are a veteran or active duty service member looking to buy or sell a house in South Florida I have positive news regarding a special program just for you.

As a long time member of USAA, I will detail for you why this program is often BETTER than USAA’s Real Estate Rewards Network program.

Reason 1
My program has a competitive cash reward.

Reason 2
You will have access to exceptional lenders with very competitive rates.

Reason 3
You will receive my expert advice. As a prior military service member, a top performer at Orion where I helped 100s of military service members as they were transitioning, and now as a licensed realtor at the #1 real estate brokerage in South Florida, I am uniquely situated to give you the best advice throughout your buying or selling process.

Reason 4
You will receive expert advice from experienced renovation and design consultants.

Reason 5
You will have access to preferred settlement agents and attorneys to assist in a smooth closing process.
I hope you have found this video informative and I look forward to helping you buy or sell your home.

Reason 6
You will have access to the best inspectors in South Florida.

Best Regards,

Brian C. Smith
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty
📲 305.318.8200

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