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I am now excited to share a new feature on my website called BEST DEALS IN EDGEWATER 👀. Whether we are buying shoes 👠, a car 🚘, or a home 🏠 we all like a good deal 💵. Two weeks ago I combed through hundreds of active MLS listings 👨‍💻 in Edgewater to identify 10 best deals. Before I could add the results to my website, 3 out of 10 condos went off the market. I have created another BEST DEALS IN EDGEWATER list. The list can be accessed by clicking BEST DEALS IN EDGEWATER on the top of this page.

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Edgewater | Miami Beach | Luxury Real Estate

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Coaches and Professional Athletes,

I want to hear from you. How should blown calls be handled?

Please read this article by Hugo Alvarez of Becker Law Firm and add your comments in the blog below.

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Coaches & Professional Athlete Real Estate Expert- South Florida
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Can a Lawsuit Stop the Rams from Getting to the Super Bowl?

Probably not. Bad calls are a way of life in the NFL, and sports in general. Miami is still lamenting a bad call from the 2002 national title game that helped catapult Ohio State to the national title that year.

But lawsuits over bad sports calls are not unprecedented. A high school once filed a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief to have a bad call vacated. That high school claimed they had scored a touchdown on the game’s last play thereby winning the state championship. The video replays tended to support the school’s position that the referee blew the call at the goal line and therefore cost that school the state championship. The court, however, refused to change the call. The court noted, among other things, that the video, while tending to support the bad call, was not conclusive to permit the call to be overturned.

In the Saints’ situation, however, it is undisputed that the officials blew the call. The Saints have an admission from the NFL that the call was blown. They have overwhelming video evidence supporting that position too. The Saints also have access to countless “experts” who could provide testimony about the call to help advance their position that the Rams should be stopped from playing in the Super Bowl.

The NFL rules actually contemplate a situation where a game, such as the NFC Championship game, could be replayed. The NFL rules provide a mechanism to permit a team to challenge the results of a game. In addition, the NFL rules also empower and permit the commissioner to require teams to play a game again, or play the game from the point the erroneous call was made, or to even change the outcome of the game, in “extraordinarily unfair” instances.

Of course, the commissioner won’t invoke any of those rules or do anything to prevent the Rams from facing the Patriots in the Super Bowl. To do so would be a public relations nightmare, the likes of which the NFL has never witnessed.

Therefore, the Saints seem to have a “good case” for a judge to at least consider blocking the Rams from advancing to the Super Bowl since the commissioner won’t take any action on the issue. The Saints can rely on the NFL rule that permits games to be replayed in situations like this, given the overwhelming video evidence, and “expert” testimony, regarding the blown call at such a critical moment in the game.

This means that the Saints could file a lawsuit seeking judicial intervention to force the commissioner to follow the rules and have a temporary restraining order issued, stopping the Rams from advancing to the Super Bowl, for now. Or, the Saints could ask that the final few minutes of the NFC championship game be replayed based on the NFL rules that grant the commissioner the authority to order the game replayed given the “overwhelming” video evidence, and “expert” testimony, that the NFL officials blew it in the game. Put another way, there does not appear to be a factual dispute that the call was blown. Plus, the Saints would have no other adequate remedy to correct the wrong call.

But that lawsuit won’t help the Saints’ cause to get to the Super Bowl. As noted above, while lawsuits seeking to have bad calls overturned is not unprecedented, our judiciary system typically tries to let our sporting events play out on the field.

Moreover, and much like the commissioner would face a PR disaster if he altered the game’s results in any way, the Saints too would face a PR problem of their own if they used the judiciary to help them advance to the Super Bowl after they lost the NFC Championship game to the Rams.

Of course, bad calls happen in the business world too. There are plenty of instances where circumstances demand the issuance of a restraining order or temporary injunction. Temporary restraining orders and injunctions are both powerful weapons that individuals and businesses have available to them to correct a wrong.

Clients have often come to me with tough cases that appear to present no-win scenarios. But as my college coaches always taught me, preparation and creative thinking are necessary tools to turn a tough situation into a positive. Litigation can be expensive and time consuming, but it can also present opportunities, as well as the necessary forum to right a wrong. In some instances, the nature of the wrong, such as the Saints being prevented from advancing to the Super Bowl, or a business facing competition from a former employee in violation of a non-compete agreement, compels the necessity of the filing of a lawsuit. Call me today if you wish to discuss the NFC Championship game further, or the upcoming Super Bowl, or if you wish to discuss some legal issue impacting you or your business.

Thank you to Hugo Alvarez
Becker Law Firm



📍1493 NW 1st Ave, Florida City, FL 33034 💲$370,000
🛏8 🛁9/1 📐5,162 SF 📏18,500 SF
👙Indoor Pool

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
📲305.318.8200 - RSVP

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Edgewater Real Estate Update- 1/14/2019

Gran Paraiso the final tower of Related Group’s Paraiso development is now conducting closings. This closes a chapter on the development which has made a lasting impression on the Edgewater skyline. Here is the current inventory of units on the market in each tower:

One Paraiso- 36 for sale / 21 for rent…/one-paraiso.htm


Today's Edgewater Real Estate Update- 1/13/2019…/Elysee.htm

Rising directly from the shores of Biscayne Bay in the wonderful emerging neighborhood of East Edgewater, Elysee sets the standard for refined luxury with its masterful confluence of design, luxury, and waterfront location. At 57 stories, Elysee is tall and impressive, however, with only 100 residences.

With interior designs by Jean Louis Denoit and architecture by Bernardo Fort Brescia of Arquitectonica, construction of Two Roads Development’s Elysee is moving along nicely.

A few months ago the building was nothing more than a dirt slab.

The shell of the building is now 18 stories high. Upon completion the building will be 57 stories.

Closings planned for 2020
Units left 50%

For more information on Edgewater Real Estate please call:

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Edgewater | Miami Beach | Luxury Real Estate



Margaret Pace Park is situated in Edgewater on 8 acres of waterfront land adjacent to Biscayne Bay. Visitors to the park can enjoy spectacular sunrise views of Miami Beach to the East and sunset views cast against the towers that shade the park during the afternoon hours. The park has free tennis courts, a playground, a dog park, a basketball court, picnic areas, grass fields, and walking paths throughout.

Residential towers overlooking the park include:

The Grand

Opera Tower

Aria on the Bay

1800 Club

Quantum on the Bay


Paramount Bay

Biscayne 21

Please contact Edgewater Real Estate Expert- Brian C. Smith to learn more.

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Edgewater | Miami Beach | Luxury Real Estate


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