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Congratulations to Christian Wilkins, the newest member of the Miami Dolphins. I am by no means an expert at evaluating football talent, but I love his well balanced mix of humility, energy, and swagger and hope he finds a fruitful home with the Miami Dolphins.

Last night’s NFL Draft got me thinking a lot about talent.

How is talent perceived, valued, and chosen?

In the movie Moneyball, Brad Pitt plays the role of Billy Bean, the washed out professional baseball player who many expected would be a tremendous professional baseball player. As manager of the Oakland Athletics, Billy learns from his own failings and disrupts the traditional thought processes on how talent is measured and selected.

Billy Bean challenges his scouts’ measures of talent. Traditionally scouts in baseball made mistakes by looking at the wrong stats, personal appearance, and other traits that have a low correlation to success as a baseball team.

By re-evaluating his strategy, the 2002 Athletics with less than $45 million in salary, competed with larger market teams such as the New York Yankees who spent over $125 million that season. As a result the Athletics made it to the playoffs in 2002 and 2003.

70% of sellers list with the first real estate agent they speak to.

When sellers pick a realtor do they make the same mistakes as traditional baseball scouts?

On a daily basis these are common errors I see sellers make and it costs them a lot of time and money:

  • Picking a realtor who has more listings than he or she can handle.
  • Settling on a realtor who lives and works across town from the listing.
  • Choosing a lazy realtor who doesn’t actively market his or her listings.
  • Selecting a realtor completely based on physical looks vice ability to correctly value a property.

What questions should a seller ask a realtor?

  • How many active listings do you have on the market?
    If you are going to be a number vice a priority, find another realtor.

  • Where are your listings located?
    Make sure the realtor focuses on where your home is located.

  • What is your marketing plan?
    Find a realtor who will clearly lay out a marketing plan that includes action items like open houses, broker opens, print marketing, and digital marketing.
  • What are the best comparable homes that sold in the past year or two year timeframe?
  • What value do the comps support for my home? Ensure you are realistic about the value of your home.

Click here for a Free Home Evaluation.

Click here to see my offering for Coaches and Professional Athletes.

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Edgewater 🚤 | Miami Beach | Luxury Real Estate 🍾
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How is the Market?

EWM answered.

Enjoy reading EWM- Insight- Real Estate Outlook- Miami-Dade & Broward 2019.

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Edgewater | Miami Beach | Luxury Real Estate



If you are considering selling your home...keep reading.

Here are great questions to ask your realtor when you list your home. 🗣

1. How many listings do you have right now?
Where will my listing sit as a priority relative to those listings? ☝️

2. How big is your reach/network in each area 🕴🕴🕴🕴:

+ Contacts- buyers
+ Real Estate Agents
+ LinkedIn Connections
+ Facebook Friends + Instagram Followers
+ YouTube Subscribers

Today the Co-Founder of GUESS?, Inc- Paul Marciano, connected with me on LinkedIn. 🤩😎

I spend time each day growing my network, so that when you list with me, I can quickly get your property in front of a very large number of local 🍊, national 🇺🇸, and international buyers 🌎 🇻🇪 🇦🇷 🇧🇷 🇨🇴 🇫🇷 🇪🇨 🇮🇹

3. How many open houses and broker opens will you execute? 🔑

4. What is the value of my property? 💰

Unfortunately, too many sellers focus only on question 4 and even when they have the correct value, they list too high.

Please click this link for a free home evaluation.

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Edgewater 🛥 | Miami Beach ⛱ | Luxury Real Estate 🍾
📲 305.318.8200

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Edgewater is home to the #1 board on this list --> JETSURF !!!

Call me today to help you find your dream home on Biscayne Bay!

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Edgwater | Miami Beach | Luxury Real Estate


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