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As a realtor I like to ponder the question, What makes a home great?"

Answers vary across the full spectrum of location, views, and environment; architecture and curbside appeal; design, floor plan appliances, and finishes; number of stories; ceiling height; exposure; outdoor spaces; storage; and particular rooms like the kitchen or master suite.

When I think back to my childhood and the house where I lived from birth until age 15. The answer is simple.

My mom made the home great. There was no Amazon or Instacart, but she always managed to find time to clip coupons and buy groceries.She grew vegetables in the garden, apples on the tree, and flowers along the base of the house. In the kitchen she baked rhubarb pies, lemon meringue pies, and monster cookies. My mom dusted dust, mopped floors, cleaned and ironed clothes, vacuumed carpets, mowed the lawn, and even shoveled snow on occasion. At meal time she kept the cold food cold and the hot food hot and somehow managed to get the food and everyone to the table at the same time for meals. She took walks through the neighborhood in the evenings and knew every neighbor by name. She even knew how to sew and knit. To this day, I have a white blanket she knitted for me. When I fell she was there to pick me up and tend to my wounds. At bed time she tucked me in and reminded me how much she loved me.

Times have certainly changed, but the answer remains the same. Moms make homes great.

I hope you find time today, to do those things that bring you love, peace, and joy.


Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
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