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I suffer from acid reflux and have to control when and what I eat to help prevent it. Cutting pizza out of my diet has helped me for several years. Earlier this year I read an inspriational article in the Miami Herald about Renato Viola ( Renato Viola was granted an O-1 Visa to the United States based on his extraordinary ability as an award-winning pizza chef in Italy. The same night I went to Mister O1 Pizza on South Beach and tried the pizza. To my delight the pizza did not give me acid reflux and it was so good I ate it three nights in a row!

Ambiance- 8.5 This South Beach location is very tiny and hidden at 1680 Michigan Avenue. I go for the Pizza and appreciate the fact that money is going into the food cost not the rent. I challenge you to find better food on Lincoln Road. Each location plays the same soundtrack and serves up the same food, so the dining experience is consistent. If you want to stretch your legs go to Wynwood, if you want cozy dining go to South Beach.

Service- 8.9 The service is simple and the staff is very knowledgable and friendly. You should find the service very ample for a pizza place. Kids recieve extra special attention including gift shirts and nutella pizzas.

Food Taste and Presentation- 9.8 You could go to Italy, but why? The best Pizza is here in Miami. I suggest the Ricardo with chicken and Maria. My daughter loves the personal pepperoni pizza.

Enjoy the videos!

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International

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