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In a few weeks the College Football Playoff (CFP) will play-out. Three teams will lose and one team will win. Several players from these teams will go on to great careers in the NFL. In future years we will enjoy watching them play on Sundays.

Today Army and Navy square off in a much different type of game. For many fans and players this game will be a last football hurrah before getting commissions and starting careers in the service of our nation. Unlike there peers entering the NFL many of the players in this game will use tools learned in football to lead men and women in support of our freedom.

My father is a 1958 West Point Grad. My brother is a 1986 USAFA grad. I am a former Navy officer. I just watched this video and it brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy the video and celebrate this very special tradition. THE ARMY NAVY GAME !!!

Please share this link with veterans in your family, personal network, or professional network.

Brian C. Smith- EWM Realty International
Former Navy Officer- Realtor

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